The 360 Degree Online Multi-Source Leadership Feedback Survey is a robust tool for the objective assessment of an individual or team of managers. It is used to plan development in areas of relative strength and deficiency.

360 Degree Leadership Feedback Surveys can be used for professional development, enhancing a manager’s ability to work with peers and lead subordinates. The instrument promotes a culture of openness, honesty, teamwork, and accountability. It may uncover broader organizational issues. Professional development, a healthy workplace culture, and knowledge of internal dynamics will lead to improved organizational and individual performance.

The Leadership Feedback Survey Process: Professional development begins with one knowing how they are perceived as managers by others. Peers, subordinates, supervisors, and the managers themselves first provide online proficiency ratings on multiple dimensions of leadership. Once the process is complete, a report is produced and delivered online summarizing how the targeted manager is perceived by each category of respondent along dimensions including:

  • Problem solving, planning, & decision-making
  • Communications & human relations
  • Enthusiasm & versatility
  • Intellectual maturity
  • Participatory supervision
  • Emotional maturity