Our Practice

Bellet, Sieveking & Associates provides psychological assessment, consulting, and clinical services to individuals and organizations. With extensive experience in psychology and business, the principals use a tailored approach to enhance organizational and individual performance.

The foundation of this approach is relentless self-knowledge: an honest and informed evaluation of organizational and personal issues including strengths on which to build, weaknesses to identify, and opportunities to exploit. We serve individuals and organizations willing to address difficult issues thoroughly to create enduring change.

We provide reliable tools that give clients knowledge to make informed decisions. Psychological testing and interviews assess the “fit” of prospective employees with the needs and culture of the organization. The Online 360 Degree Multi-Source Leadership Feedback surveys evaluate the performance and potential of current managers. Employee Viewpoint Surveys measure the attitudes of all internal stakeholders.


Our mission is the provision of knowledge, social science and management expertise in a manner that improves interpersonal and organizational functioning, quality of product, and enhanced return on investment. We believe that the wisdom to improve organizations exists at all levels and thus must be gathered from all levels. All individuals will contribute to organizational effectiveness to the extent that they have broad knowledge of the organization, feel a sense of belonging, and are given the opportunity and responsibility to contribute. Our consulting efforts are directed toward enhancing such processes.