While 360 Degree Multi-Source Feedback Surveys and individual evaluations are primarily tools for assessing and developing managers, the Employee Viewpoint Survey is a tool for assessing and developing organizations. These surveys provide an objective means to:

  • Measure job satisfaction, workforce adherence to values and standards, and receptivity to change
  • Identify organizational strengths, needs, and liabilities
  • Gauge the future impact of programs for improvement
  • Establish measurable goals
  • Motivate and monitor accountability throughout the organization
  • Enlist all employees as internal consultants

Bellet, Sieveking & Associates tailors surveys to the specific objectives of each organization. As determined by your needs, the Employee Viewpoint Survey measures employee opinions on:

  • Workspace & equipment
  • Staffing appropriateness
  • Interdepartmental relations
  • Freedom to make suggestions
  • Morale
  • Communication
  • Commitment to organizational values & ethics
  • Hiring & promotion
  • Quality of service & products
  • Compensation & benefits
  • Productivity
  • Supervision
  • Knowledge & skills
  • Key tailored topics

Surveys may be administered by “paper and pencil” or electronically. They may be applied broadly or restricted to specific sectors of the workforce, including corporate offices, divisions, and regions.