There are no quick fixes programs that will help a company decrease employee turnover or enhance productivity, quality or communication. Fundamental to the efficient management of employees is the establishment of an appropriate level of structure and systems to govern the changing needs of the firm.

Creating structure need not undermine creativity or destroy the informal culture of a business. The paradox in any system is that more structure provides more freedom while producing a higher level of functioning. Instead of reinventing the wheel every time there is a new hire, compensation decision, or promotion, for example, structure provides for making decisions more quickly and less “politically.” This frees managers for more creative and profitable work.

We help firms establish clear goals and attain objectives through the use of:

  • A clearly defined organizational structure and separation of functions
  • Well-constructed job descriptions tied to employee or pre-hire assessments
  • Behaviorally-anchored employee objectives
  • Performance appraisal systems
  • Objective methods for addressing and resolving conflict
  • Guidelines for running effective meetings