Administered in conjunction with in-depth one-on-one interviews, tests evaluate interests, beliefs, values, skills, motivation, stress resistance, and ways of relating to others. When coupled with 360 Degree Multi-Source Feedback surveys, the results are a powerful tool for the professional development of current management. Testing also helps organizations to:

  • Select managers who fit the organization’s culture and job demands
  • Promote managers who are well-suited to the responsibilities of a new position
  • Place managers adaptable to new cultures, including international or cross-cultural assignments
  • Identify development needs

Considering the investment associated with locating, hiring, training, and employing under-performing managers, poor placement decisions are costly ones. We help clients make personnel decisions that enhance organizational and individual performance. For outplacement needs, our tests are also effective tools for career counseling.

Our team of psychologists custom design a battery of tests tailored to organization and position requirements, then interpret and report findings. Respondents are evaluated in a number of areas, including:

  • Management & leadership skills/potential
  • Interpersonal style
  • Motivation and initiative
  • Competency in planning & organizing, initiative & decisiveness
  • Intellectual functioning (e.g., verbal, numerical, abstract reasoning)
  • Aptitudes (e.g., spatial or mechanical reasoning, speed & accuracy)
  • Sensitivity to individuals & teams
  • Personal coping strategies and problem solving
  • Development and training needs